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Thalgo Face Treatments

The sea has always been a source of vital energy and can regenerate you both physically and mentally. THALGO has taken inspiration from this for more than 50 years combining efficacy and well-being. We infuse this marine energy through products and treatment protocols that revitalise body and mind for luminous and radiant beauty.

Discovery Facial

30mins / £45

The perfect express facial if you’re on the go, for an instant infusion of marine active ingredients, tailored to your skin type. After this pick-me-up, you will feel refreshed and your skin will be glowing.

Lochgreen Bespoke Facial

1hour / £70

These personalised Thalgo signature facials begin with the Discovery of the Sea welcome massage, skin specific cleanse and exfoliation. The Heart of the Ocean massage recreates the rhythmic motions of the sea to relax the facial muscles and relieve tension in the arms, shoulders and neck. A skin-specific mask and moisturiser correct any skin concerns, leaving the complexion restored to its natural beauty.

Hyalu-ProCollagen Facial

1hour / £85

The first four-step wrinkle by wrinkle treatment combining three hyaluronic acids, marine pro-collagen and 3 unique roller booster tools. After immersion in a marine bubble of relaxing cleansing and energising acupressure, the concentrated active ingredients of the wrinkle correcting serum is applied using gentle Dermastim+ stretching movements. The marine mask is then applied and wrinkles are worked on in succession using the unique roller booster tools to amplify the smoothing, filling and plumping effect. Skin feels plumped and even established wrinkles see visible results.

Silicium Super-Lift Facial

1hour / £90

This lifting facial is designed to combat all the signs of ageing to leave your skin firmer, younger-looking and glowing. Relax and let yourself be immersed in an aquatic cocoon during the Discovery of the Sea welcome ritual, brush cleanse and exfoliation, followed by an expert anti-ageing massage to lift the features. A marine silicium-rich super-lifting double mask is then applied to visibly lift and contour the face and neck and fill deeper wrinkles after just one treatment.

Matis Essential Face Treatments

The Matis philosophy has been founded on a constantly evolving, permanently pioneering professional brand, underpinned by three specific areas of expertise, Skin-Science-Senses. The technical performance of the products, quality of the treatment method and the unique sensory experience for immediate and long-lasting visible results make the brand a gold standard in the beauty salon and spa universe.

Fresh Look Eye Treatment

30mins / £45

A targeted professional treatment dedicated to the eye contour area with extracts of Brown Algae and Hyaluronic Acid to revitalise, hydrate and smooth.

Silky Soft Skin Treatment

30mins / £45

A soft AHA and BHA peel to create a new skin. Targets fine lines and wrinkles, imperfections and pigmentation.

Essential Hydration Source

50mins / £75

This outstanding facial regains optimal hydration levels to replenish tired, thirsty skin. Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter restores moisture, re-plumps and repairs damage.

Essential Soothing Delicate

50mins / £75

A comfort blanket to calm and soothe, this facial incorporates ingredients such as Kudzu Root and Mango Butter to reduce inflammation, redness and discomfort for sensitive or reactive skins.

Matis Expert Face Treatments

Premium Activ’Kaviar

1hour 15mins / £110

A precious treat for all skins, this ultimate luxurious sensory experience uses active ingredients of caviar extract & marine collagen help to boost the skin’s minerals, restore the lipid barrier & re-energise. Detox, relaxation & lifting massages help blur the signs of ageing leaving the skin recharged & hydrated.


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Thalgo & Matis Body Treatments

Thalgo Body Treatments

Body Salt Scrub

25mins / £45

Experience one of the Thalgo Body Salt Scrubs where the products is massaged into the skin to remove dead skin cells, leaving gorgeously smooth and glowing skin.

Nourishing Foot Ritual

45mins / £55

Beginning with a foot soak and incorporating therapeutic heated booties, this replenishing and relaxing massage features hot stones and specific techniques to repair, protect and restore comfort to dry feet. The hands and arms or scalp are massaged whilst heated boots are taking effect.

Marine Body Ritual

1hour / £80

The ultimate lipid-rich nourishing body treatment, designed to restore comfort to dry and very dry skin, this ritual begins with a deeply moisturising body massage and wrap to relieve tensions, soothe the skin and restore a feeling of comfort. During the wrap, a scalp massage eases tension, before a massage of the entire body, including the hands and feet, deeply relaxes.

Pacific Spa Ritual

1hour 30mins / £110

Experience this exotic spa ritual, inspired by the islands of Polynesia. This luxurious treatment begins with a Lagoon-inspired azure foot bath, to protect and hydrate the skin. A vanilla-scented full body scrub, blended with pure Bora Bora white sand, sea salt, coconut shell and algo-monoi, thoroughly exfoliates the skin, before the Mahana Massage loosens muscles and nourishes the skin with a rhythmic rocking movement massage with warm sand pouches.

Arctic Spa Ritual

1hour 30mins / £110

An invigorating spa experience for when you need deep relaxation. Think landscapes of immaculate white ice, sensorial hot springs and incredible sea life and enjoy the benefits of ancient Nordic rituals where relaxing heat from a massage inspired by deep tissue and Swedish massage combines with invigorating cold, using Thalgo’s innovative massage balls, taking turns to calm the body and release tension.

Matis Body Treatments

Full Body Fusion Exfoliation

25mins / £45

Complete with Body Konjac Sponge this full-body polish stimulates cell renewal, for glowing skin and a wonderful sense of well-being using extracts of Amber powder, Cranberry and Pomegranate oils.

Body Specific Wrap

25mins / £45 (add on to any other treatment for £40)

Be enveloped with a wrap for Relaxation, Firming or Slimming. Perfect in combination with the Body Fusion Exfoliation or a Massage.

Blissful Back Experience

50mins / £75

Beginning with a back exfoliation to smooth and decongest followed by a mask to hydrate and relax. The back of the legs and feet are then massaged and this blissful treatment is completed with a back, neck and shoulder massage.

Body Massage

1hour 15mins / £95

Each Full Body Massage uses your preference of an oil or balm containing active ingredients to target the personal objective of Relaxing, Firming or Slimming.

Essential Harmony Massage – Encompassing the calming energies of the ‘water’ element and Hawaiian Lom-Lomi relaxation techniques this soothing massage flows from head to toe.

Essential Energy Massage – Encompassing the energy of the ‘fire’ element and uplifting Swedish techniques this invigorating massage works from the feet to the scalp.

Pregnancy Massage – A top to toe relaxation experience focussing on pre-natal aches. The full body massage is performed in the recovery position using a luxurious balm for complete comfort. Cannot be performed within the first trimester.

Top-to-Toe Experience

1hour / £80

This perfectly balanced treatment includes a Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage followed by a Body Wrap which naturally warms allowing deeper absorption of products, concentrating on your concerns with Mini Facial or Scalp Massage when enveloped.

Elements Experience

2hours / £165

A top-to-toe experience, beginning with the Full Body Fusion Exfoliation and Body Wrap followed by the Essential Body Massage to re-balance and rejuvenate the body & mind.

Jacuzzi Bath

30mins / £10pp

Two person private jacuzzi bath situated in our dual treatment suite. Can be booked in conjunction with treatments.

Hot Stone Therapy


Optional add-on to any body treatment. Make the most of your me-time and upgrade your body treatment by adding hot stones.


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Aromaworks Body Treatments

Shoulder, Neck & Scalp Massage

30mins / £45

A massage from the shoulders’ upwards with warm aromatherapy oils to free the muscles and mind from stress.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

30/45mins / £45/£55

A concentrated massage to the entire back to your specific needs to omit tensions or simply to relax with a choice of scented or non-scented oils.

Full Body Massage

1hour / £80

A whole-body massage to your pressure and style preference, focussing on areas of concern, with a choice of scented or non-scented oils.

+ Hot Stone Therapy


Optional add-on to any body treatment. Make the most of your me-time and upgrade your body treatment by adding therapeutic hot stones.


45mins / £55

A wellbeing treatment where the feet are massaged using specific techniques to target reflexes which releases energy pathways & decongests the body. Can be upgraded to a Deluxe version at 60mins for £70 to include a nourishing mask, heated booties & hand & arm or scalp massage.

Jacuzzi Bath

30mins / £10pp

Two person private jacuzzi bath situated in our dual treatment suite. Can be booked in conjunction with treatments.

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Nail Care


Jessica is a custom-blended spa range where we analyse the nail and prescribe treatments accordingly to strengthen natural nails, making them more resistant to breaking, chipping or peeling; just like nature intended. Nail treatments are available in Custom Colour or GELeration. Treatments marked * Receive a handbag-sized polish of your choice as a gift.

Jessica GELeration is a soak off gel polish, with the health of the natural nail in mind, GELeration’s gel formula delivers a long-lasting, flawless finish that’s cured with LED in record time and protects the natural nail, lasting up to 3 weeks with a high gloss shine.

Jessica Finishing Touches

*Receive a handbag-sized polish of your choice as a gift with a full price treatment.

Tidy and Polish*

30mins / £25

Includes cuticle care, nail shape and finished with Jessica’s Custom polish.

Prescriptive Manicure*

45mins / £45

Nails are analysed and treated for their specific type. The prescriptive manicure includes exfoliation, massage and cuticle care. Nails are then shaped and treated with a prescriptive basecoat before finishing with the perfect polish which is yours to take home.

Deluxe Prescriptive Manicure with Thermal Mittens*

55mins / £55

All the benefits of the Prescriptive Manicure with heated mittens to provide even deeper penetration and absorption of creams and oils, softening cuticles, improving circulation and soothing stiff joints.

ZenSpa Pedicure*

1hour / £60

A luxury foot and leg treatment using the restorative powers of Asian aquatic plant extracts. Hard skin is removed, feet and legs are massaged with conditioning creams, cuticles are groomed, toenails shaped and finishing with the perfect polish which is yours to take home.

Deluxe ZenSpa Pedicure*

1hour 15mins / £65

A Zenspa pedicure with thermal booties for deeper absorption of creams and oils, softening cuticles, improving circulation and soothing stiff joints.

GELeration Tidy & Polish

45mins / £35

Includes cuticle care, nail shape and finished with Jessica’s Geleration polish.

Geleration Manicure

60mins / £50

The Geleration manicure includes nail care, exfoliation and cuticle care with application of Gel polish & a massage to the hands.

ZensSpa Pedicure with GELeration

1hour / £65

A luxury foot and leg treatment using the restorative powers of Asian aquatic plant extracts. Hard skin is removed, feet and legs are massaged with conditioning creams, cuticles are groomed, toenails shaped and finishing with Jessica’s GELeration polish.

Existing GELeration Removal

30mins / £15

Professional removal of existing GELeration.


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Mii Make-up

Mii launched in 2011. Taking the variety of the department store to the comfort of your salon, the range is easy to choose, easy to use and easy to understand; so you can create a look that is uniquely, completely, unmistakably you. With skin-loving formulas, sixteen tailored brushes and 100% pure mineral line, Mii has set its sights on ensuring that you are filled with the confidence that every make-up decision will be the right one.

Treat Mii Make-Up Application

55mins / from £45


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Waxing & Tinting

Waxing/Threading Range

From 15mins / From £10

For your benefit and comfort: Following a waxing/threading treatment, it is advisable to avoid direct sunlight, heat treatments & perfumed body preparations or false tan for 24 hours. We use a sensitive wax!


From 15mins / From £10

Please note that a patch test is required 24-48hrs prior to receiving a tinting treatment so therefor cannot be booked online. For your benefit and comfort: Following a tint treatment, it is advisable to avoid direct sunlight, heat treatments & perfumed body preparations or false tan for 24 hours.

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All of our treatments are unisex but the following list is specifically created for men who are subject to muscular tensions, stress, fatigue and pollution.

Thalgo Deep Cleanse Facial

60mins / £70

This personalised signature facial for stressed male skin combines energising marine active ingredients with soothing massage movements. The facial begins with Discovery of the Sea welcome massage, followed by a deep cleanse and exfoliation on the face and neck, with an application of Algue Bleue Vitale extract to revitalise and energise the skin. A shoulder, neck and scalp massage relieve any remaining tension, while a skin-specific mask and moisturiser correct skin concerns, leaving the skin restored and energised.

Matis Anti-Fatigue Facial

70mins / £95

This exceptional treatment is ideal for gents, especially those looking to reduce visible signs of ageing and fatigue. Using collagen and elastin from marine sources, firmness is renewed whilst the appearance of lines and wrinkles are reduced. This deliciously sensory experience allows your skin to regain substance, tonicity and firmness whilst skin texture is unified.

Golfers’ Massage

80mins / £105

Perfect to loosen up before or after a long day on the course, this rejuvenating deep tissue full body massage with the addition of hot stones releases tension. This is followed with a scalp and foot massage to complete your treatment including the use of energy work to realign and put your body back into balance.


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Hair Appointments

Hair Wash & Blow Dry

45-60mins / from £45

Hair Up

45-60mins / from £50

We recommend that you have your hair washed the day prior to your appointment.

Please note that hair appointments need to be booked in advance for us to source a hairdresser for your chosen date and time.

If you’re booking for Wedding hair, we always recommend a trial appointment.


Mix & Match Courses

Whether you have concerns that need treated regularly, like to try different treatments or just need more time to relax, why not try our mix & match treatment courses where we offer you more for less.

45-minute Treatment Course

45mins / £325 pre-payment

Seven 45-minute treatments to be used within 4 months.

Choose from | Silky Body Wrap with Scalp or Foot Massage | Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage | Jessica Prescriptive Manicure | Reflexology | Serenity Facial | Nourishing Foot Ritual | Gents Pedicure |

60-minute Treatment Course

60mins / £425 pre-payment

Seven 60-minute treatments to be used within 4 months.

Choose from | Matis Body Exfoliation & Slim Wrap | Full Body Massage | Jessica ZenSpa Pedicure | Deluxe Reflexology | Thalgo Lochgreen Bespoke Facial | Thalgo Marine Body Ritual | Top-To-Toe Experience |

Terms & Conditions:

Please note that a pre-payment is taken on your first appointment time & treatments are to be used within a 4month time frame from first appointment.

10% off additional treatments added to courses apply on the same day of course treatments. More than one course treatment can be booked on the same day.

Treatments are non-transferrable & subject to availability.

Making the most out of your time in the Spa

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To schedule an appointment for your perfect treatment, it is best to book as far in advance as you can to avoid disappointment. To secure your booking credit card details may be requested. Any dietary requirements or medical conditions should also be advised at time of booking. Confirmation of your booking along with additional pre-arrival information will be emailed to you. We recommend you arrive no earlier than 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment in order to check in and change into robe/slippers should you wish.

Treatments can be booked online via the ‘Book Now’ buttons. Packages have to be scheduled via our team, so please be in touch via or 01292 314214.


We provide lockers, robes, slippers and hairdryers for your convenience. Each treatment suite is equipped with a private shower for you to refresh pre or post-treatment. If you are staying in the hotel you may wish to arrive in your guest robe to help with your continued relaxation. Our exclusive dual treatment room with Jacuzzi can be requested in advance of your treatments, simply let us know at the time of your booking if you wish it to be yours.

Spa Etiquette

To ensure that our guests can relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings, we ask that you please refrain from using your mobile phone and that it is set to silent mode. Post-treatment, we allow 30 minutes in our relaxation area which has luxurious loungers, glossy magazines and plentiful beverages for you to enjoy.


We ask that you give a minimum of 48 hours’ notice of cancellation where no charges will apply. A 100% charge will be incurred for any treatments cancelled less than 48 hours in advance or do not show for the scheduled appointment. Late arrivals will only receive the remaining available appointment duration but shall be charged at a full-service fee.


Costley and Costley vouchers are redeemable against any treatment, package or products.

Spa Monetary, Treatment or Package Certificates are available for purchase and can be personalised for the perfect Gift.

COVID Information

Please note that due to coronavirus restrictions, some services may not be available at this time, they will not be available to book online. We are operating on an appointment only basis to restrict numbers for guest well-being. Face masks are mandatory for this setting, to be worn throughout the facility. Please bring your own reading material as we cannot provide our usual glossy magazines at this time.